Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission: 


We will WORSHIP regularly, LEARN eagerly, GIVE generously, and SERVE faithfully.

Our Vision:

 Building a Better Tomorrow for…

  • your life
  • your family
  • your church
  • your community

VISION:  Our vision is to BUILD, INVEST, REACH, DEVELOP, and serve SERVE

  • BUILD People and Families
  • INVEST Generously
  • REACH the Unreached
  • DEVELOP our Campus
  • SERVE our Community

Building a better tomorrow one Christ-centered life and family at a time, Investing our time and resources generously, Reaching our Western PWC population with the Gospel, Developing our main Church campus in Western PWC, and Serving our community with the love of Jesus.”

Our Aligning Values:

On our pilgrimage to Heaven, we will align our Lives and Ministry Efforts according to these principles:  P.I. L. G. R. I. M. S.

P        Pray Hard and Dream Big!

I   –           Integrity is a must for life and leadership.

L  –          Love one another. Live in Unity. Reject Negativity

G  –         Give with sacrificial generously.

R  –          Reach People who don’t Know Jesus.

I   –           Invest in Kids, Youth, and Families.

M        Mature and grow as capital “C” Christians.

S  –          Serve and love our community.