Day One

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Day 1 is an event/class designed for you to explore different aspects of your life in Jesus Christ.

In John’s gospel Jesus says, “… I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” The purpose of Day 1 is to get you started on the right foot to a full life in Jesus Christ (John 10:10).

Day 1 groups value dialogue, questions and discussion. You can look forward to a respectful environment where God’s truth can be pursued and applied to your everyday life. Each week will bring you the opportunity to explore a different aspect of the Christian life—salvation, prayer, the Bible and worship. Within those topics you will explore our situation, God’s plan, and our response.

The Four Topics

Salvation, prayer, the Bible and worship are not random topics, but foundational elements to following Jesus Christ.

Salvation is responding to God’s call to accept the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as payment for our sin and the sinful nature of all mankind. In salvation, we repent of our sin and turn from it to follow Jesus.

Prayer is communication with God that is the fuel for our relationship with Him. We are not in a long-distance relationship with God. Through prayer, we have the opportunity for intimacy with God.

The Bible is God’s revelation of Himself. The Bible isn’t everything to know about God, but everything we can know about God. The Bible, also called His Word, reveals God’s love, character and plan for salvation to which He calls us.

Worship is realizing that there is nothing higher, nothing more important and nothing more valuable than God. Worship is the correct response in all situations of life. More than music and singing; we are designed by God as vehicles of constant worship for His glory.