Restream Setup

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  1. Navagate to the Restream site If you are not logged in automatically, proceded to step 2. If you are logged in proceded to step 4.
  2. Click on the Log In link on the home page.

3. Login using the church’s Restream Email and Password

4. Once logged in you will land on the Destinations page, here will be a list of channels that we stream to (YouTube and Facebook). You should not have to add any other services, you will just have to update a few things.

5. On the Destinations page you will need to update the title for the service. Click the Update Titles button to do that.

6. Enter in the title “Alive Church Sunday (Sunday’s date in M/D/YYYY format) Serice”

7. Enter in the Description the sermon title.

8. Ensure Gaming content is to the left (turned off).

9. Click the Update All button

10. The titles under the Dashboard section should update (Description is not shown).

11. You can go back by clicking < DASHBOARD in the upper left

11. Ensure that all the channels to stream to are turned on (to the right).

12. To turn them all on click the Toggle all ON link

13. You should now be ready to stream. Once you are streaming the “Ready to go live?” pannel on the right will be replaced with your streaming video. I like to leave this page open to make sure the stream is going out.

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